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Testimonials - What our valued clients say...

Denise and Oma

Jon - We LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE our new kitchen… The floor is just beautiful – WOW! I could not have picked out a more perfect flooring!The cabinets are more than I imagined they would be - gorgeous. They are so smooth and perfect. My mom said she has NEVER EVER seen any one work as hard as your three guys. They have been so good to my mom and she is so impressed, Jon, we are so happy. Thank you so much. It is a pleasure working with you and your crew!

- 4/11/14

Nancy E.

Jon was great to work with. He and his team were quick and efficient. Highly recommended. I would definitely hire them again.

- 4/4/14, Home Advisor

Tim C.

These guys take a lot of pride in everything they do. I would recommend them for any project.

- 3/23/14, Home Advisor

Ramona P.

Jon was very helpful in dealing with the insurance company. He and his crew were considerate and very thorough. I enjoyed working with them.

- 2/10/14, Home Advisor

Sarah B.

I had a terrifically positive experience with All New Again. I have no reservations in my recommending them! I had rather extensive water damage in my small house and this company worked closely with my homeowners insurance and with me to reconstruct and upgrade every corner of my home. From the floors to the ceilings -- their work was high quality, respectful, timely, responsive and attentive to details. They have actually restored my faith in integrity.

- 3/12/14, BBB

Ken E.

Mold and waste cleanup for 3 bathrooms. Very good work. Fast and on schedule. No complaints.

- 4/4/14, BBB

Lyle G.

I had some water damage in my kids room and used All New Again to redo the floors and put in new carpet. My experience was great and Jon did a great job. I didn't feel pressured to buy anything that was out of my budget and was given options every step of the way. The installer, I forget his name, was professional and respectful of my things. He got everything cleaned up and left the house without leaving a mess. It was a simple job, but one that my family is very happy with. I was referred to All New Again via referral and I would encourage you to use them as we'll.

- 9/10/13, Yelp

Josh S.

I've worked with Jon of All New Again for quite some time now and he has always shown integrity in our business together. I would highly recommend calling Jon for your restoration, reconstruction, remodeling, and flooring needs. I've seen the quality of work that All New Again does and it's exceptional! They use the best materials and wouldn't take short cuts on your project. If you have insurance related needs for the work that needs to be done, Jon will completely handle that stressful and cumbersome process for you. I personally have started my relationship with Jon as strangers and have finished as friends. I highly recommend that you call Jon today for your home's needs!

- 8/26/13, Yelp

Doug & Traci H.

I am so excited about our new updated bathroom, I can hardly stand it! Your guys are amazing. Love them. It's all about packaging, and you guys are the best at making things look better. I will recommend you to everyone I meet.

- 3/28/12

Thor M. & Jamie O.

Cabinets & countertops look great! Thanks for your hard work and for such a great team in putting our house back together.

- 2/22/11

Alesia G.

Jon, you're one of the good guys. You have restored my faith in contractors. God bless you abundantly. I have never had anyone help me as much as you have. Thank you!

- 3/22/11

Eric S.

I used All New Again® for my home remodeling. Jon was a professional who pointed out what needs to be done, and got it done fast. I was amazed how quickly the job got done and did it so beautifully. My house looks brand new and I am very happy with the results.

Read Full Yelp™ Review - 10/4/11

Debi W.

Jon, Thank you, thank you and of course I will tell everyone about you. I had a lot of stress choosing the carpet UNTIL you came to help! I'm serious and yes now I'm at ease and excited. You're the best.

- 11/12/11

Niomi F.

I couldn't be more happy with the job that all new again did! They completely gutted and repaired the entire downstairs which was ruined by the water damage. The place looked amazing! Jon's interior design background was a tremendous help when it came time to select the tiles, sink, carpet…etc.

Read Full Yelp™ Review - 11/27/11